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Individualized Endurance Coaching

At Fiv3 Racing, we believe there is more than training plans in Endurance Coaching. Our coaching foundation is built around five non-training plan principles that result in success in long course endurance: hydration, nutrition, electrolytes, race planning and mental toughness. We pride ourselves in having a very personal coaching experience, it isn't just training for an event. It is balancing family life, travel, and work while focusing each workout on the goal of making you faster! No stone is left unturned. Our ideal athlete is looking for one or more of the 3 following season goals: Personal Records (PRs), qualifying for a World Championship and/or qualifying for the Boston Marathon. They also need to be prepared for a different coaching experience, one built around a tight-knit community, and a Coach who will have your Spouse's number in their phone.

Our Coaches

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Michelle Lake

Owner/Head Coach

Certified Triathlon Coach USAT Level II-E
Level II Endurance
Certified Swimming Coach Level II
Level II
Coaching Experience 12 Years
12 Years
Triathlon Experience 16 Years
16 Years
Kim Baumgartner


Certified Triathlon Coach USAT Level I
Level I
Certified Triathlon Coach Youth & Junior
Youth & Junior
Coaching Experience 10 Years
10 Years
Triathlon Experience 13 Years
13 Years
Kevin Wright

Run Coach

Certified Run Coach RRCA
Coaching Experience 8 Years
8 Years
Running Experience 17 Years
17 Years
Triathlon Experience 14 Years
14 Years

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After years of coaching experience we found that giving one client more "attention" because that athlete signed up for a higher coaching level just did not work for us. Interaction levels came more naturally, when questions were asked, they were answered, and when workouts completed, they were commented on. When we needed an athlete to update Training Peaks or to give us a race schedule we asked for it, no matter the level. Feedback naturally went both ways. There was one way to coach, by how much interaction the client wished for, as well as how much was natural to get the athlete the fastest across the finish line.
The difference we found was in the distance of the key or "A" race of the season. Long course (Ironman or 70.3 for example) required more individual coaching focusing on the important "non-training" factors of nutrition, hydration, electrolytes, race planning and mental toughness. Five things that are not as imperative to succeed in short course racing. Our pricing is based on these fundamentals. You are either long course or short course. Fiv3 Racing does provide discounts for couples racing together as well as non-local athletes as described below. We provide occasional local to the DC area group training opportunities. We also provide single-sport packages in run, bike and swim only.

  • Start-up: Evaluation of past training plans and race results and develop future goals specific to the individual athlete
  • Training Peaks: Premium paid by Coach
  • Communication: Dictated by Athlete and what their needs are, but at a minimum, interaction at least 2x a week (Coach or Athlete initiated)
  • Plans: Sent in blocks of 1-2 weeks, Coach will adjust for unforeseen events
  • Workouts: Programs are structured to the individual athlete, no cookie cutter plans!
  • Races: Race plans, including detailed nutrition and pacing which has been thoroughly practiced by the Athlete, at a minimum, for "A" races. "A" race plans discussed via meeting or phone call
  • Testing: Coach will provide testing to determine baselines at the beginning of the Coaching arrangement as well as the beginning of the season
  • Camps: 10% off Camps (while actively in a Coaching contract)
  • Coached Workouts: Coaches will provide opportunities year-round for Coached group workouts that are no cost to current Athletes. Depending on time of the year options include: SAG'd group rides, swim clinics, group bike testing, group runs etc. (Local athletes to the DC area only)

Training Camps

Blue Ridge Bike Camp (BRBC) - Coming Back 2022!

Date & Place?

The camp runs Late April / Early May 2022. Starting in Front Royal Virginia the ride follows Skyline drive ~105 miles to Waynesboro Virginia. The second day is training in and around Waynesboro. The final day reverses the course along Skyline Drive arriving back in Front Royal to end the camp.

Fitness Level, Mental Training & Weather?

To say the camp is easy, would be a lie. To say it will beat you up, is an understatement. The course is tough, the course is long, and you will spend many hours in the saddle. Building an acceptable training volume to handle 8 hours on the bike is crucial. We will be there to support along the entire length of the rides, but we need you to be prepared physically and mentally to handle big volume. We can promise you that we will provide the best experience within our control. Finally, the weather on the mountain can range from middle 70's to low 30's with rain, fog and sleet. Be prepared for all conditions, especially unexpected cold snaps.

Accommodations & Nutrition?

We have arranged a room block with the wonderful Marriott Residence Inn, Waynesboro. The site has a heated pool and hot tub to rest those weary legs post ride, there is also conference facilities to take in new information during camp presentations. For your main meals: Dinner (Day 1&2), Breakfast (Day 2&3), they will be provided by the camp or hotel. On course there will be sports drinks, bars, gels, pretzels, bananas, and light sandwiches that are easily digestible. This is to simulate race day conditions. Please let us know if you have any special dietary restrictions or requests.

The Whats, Whens, and Whys?

Shenandoah National Park (Skyline Drive) and the Northern Section of the Blue Ridge Parkway is some of the most challenging and beautiful riding on the East Coast. At only about 1-1.5 hours from the DC area, BRBC is a convenient location for many. We do this camp in late April every year (this is our 7th annual camp!) because it's a perfect weekend to jumpstart training for spring and summer races. What makes this camp different? Pro level support. We provide all meals (home cooked dinners Fri/Sat, on the go lunches Fri/Sat/Sun and the hotel provides breakfast in the morning. We have numerous SAG vehicles so we know where each rider is at all times. Any SAG car that drives by (they patrol all day long) can stop and provide you what you need or get it from your SAG bag as necessary. We bring a mechanic along who patrols the route but also completes a thorough check of the bikes in the evening. Camp registration also comes with a unique camp bike jersey as well as other giveaways. During dinners the Camp coaches provide lectures and discussions applicable to camp. Camp is also sanctioned by USAT (additional fee of $15 dollars applies if not a current member). A truly 5 star event.

How Do I Join This Crazy Circus?

The camp price stays the same as last year, $489 not including hotel. Once you are signed up and confirmed, the room block registration code will be provided. This party fills up quick, it is a hot ticket so don't wait to sign up. If you are already a current coached athlete with Fiv3 Racing, you get 10% OFF!! Please Note, cancellations are only refunded at 50% by April 1. No refunds are available after April 1, and if we haven't recieved payment within 2 weeks of signing up your spot is no longer guaranteed.

Photo Credits: Bret Kampf & Scott Lake

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